Scenario: Boosting borrowing by $500,000!

The most satisfying solution that we achieved this month was actually for one of our accounting partners. In this instance our partner was looking to finance the purchase of his family home. The serviceability wasn’t an issue, however due to his deposit of $360,000 he thought he was restricted to a purchase of around the $1,500,000 at an 80 per cent LVR + costs. What he didn’t realise was that being an accountant we were able to arrange a 90 per cent loan with no lenders mortgage insurance. With this knowledge, the outcome was that he had the capacity to purchase for $1,980,000 using his cash for the 10 per cent deposit + costs. It’s not widely known that accountants, CFOs, lawyers, finance directors and managers have access to this benefit. In this instance it helped one of our partners go from buying a property at $1.5 million to buying the dream home at close to $2 million. For more information on how we put this deal together or to see if you or a client qualifies for this product, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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